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Breathe Easy" payment method description:


1. Credit Card VISA / MasterCard / JCB (one-time payment)


2. UnionPay Card (one-time payment)


3. Bank transfer (one-time payment)


4. Pick-up payment from supermarkets outside of Taiwan is not accepted.

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訂單有任何問題,可加:  聊聊詢問喔。



2、若您選擇 超商取貨付款,運送方式只能選擇 7-11取貨及   取貨

3、若您為其他付款方式,運送方式可以選擇7-11』『萊爾富』 『OK』 




7、為維持優質服務與雙方權益,本公司在收到您的訂單 ,將視配送區供貨狀況,保有決定接受訂單出貨與否之權利。

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If you have any questions about the order, please contact us at

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1、Purchase goods:

       Register/Login Member & Visitor→Select Products→Add to Cart→Checkout→Select Payment/Delivery Method→Complete Purchase.

        Warm reminder: Visitors to add goods to the shopping cart but not before the completion of payment and checkout, the shopping cart does not retain the product inventory function, product inventory allocation will be based on the completion.


2、Cancel order:

        Orders can be canceled and refunded before shipment. If the status of the order shows "On Standby", it is impossible to modify the order content or cancel it, please make sure to check the order content, quantity and shipping information before placing the order.

Sales & refunds






       請用7-11店到店 寄至花蓮 名品,姓名:吳培源,電話:0966388708


請留張字條,寫下您的:1.姓名、 2.電話、 3.取貨7 11門市、4.您要更換的尺寸。










        請用7-11店到店 寄至花蓮 名品,姓名:吳培源,電話:0966388708



       寄出後拍照給我E mail 





週一至週五 早上9:30- 晚上6:00




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